Privacy Policy

1. Introduction
1.1 This Privacy Policy acknowledges the Siteís rights over usage or disclosure of your information when you use or visits our Site.
1.2 By continuing to use this website, you agree with our Privacy Policy and our right to use the cookies according to the terms mentioned in the Policy.
2. Collecting personal information
2.1 We tend to collect various types of Personal Information such as:
(a) Non-Personally Identifiable Information includes information that does not reveal a personís identity and is stored solely for interest purposes. It is stored through browser data, local time zone, language, referring site, device identifier, geolocation, etc.
(b) Personally Identifiable Information such as your name, email address, postal address, phone number and zipcode.
(c) This type of information is stored based on your choices and preferences when navigating or browsing through our website.
(d) The type of information is linked with the coupons you select to be referred to the merchantís site.
2.2 Any information shared with us about any other person should only be shared with the consent of that person.
3. Using personal information
3.1 Your personal information shared with us may be used for purposes laid down in this policy or on any other pages of our website.
3.2 Your personal information may be used for:
(a) Administration purposes of our business and to create a more personalized impression of you on our website.
(b) To send you updates, emails, feedbacks or to answer any of your query.
(c) To deal with complaints made by you or against you
(d) To strengthen the security and to take preventive measures against fraudulent activities.
3.3 With the submission of your personal information, we are liable to use it in accordance to the terms mentioned in the policy.
3.4 We shall not share your personal details with any third party without your express consent.
4. Disclosure of personal information
4.1 Your personal information will only be disclosed to a small group of our workers and only they will have access of it.
4.2 We may be forced to disclose your personal information:
(a) For judicial purposes under certain circumstances.
(b) In order to avoid security issues therefore your information might be shared with legal entities.
4.3 Except as outlined in our policy, your personal information will not be shared with any third party.
5. Security of personal information
5.1 We will take all the necessary precautions to safeguard your personal information against any theft or malpractice.
5.2 Your personal information will be stored in files with firewall protection.
5.3 It is acknowledged throughout the world that information sent over Internet is insecure, so it is a nonetheless a risk to be sharing your personal details.
6. Amendments
6.1 This policy may be updated without any prior notice over a period of time.
6.2 This policy should be checked from time to time for any updates or changes.
6.3 The changes made in the policy may be emailed to you via email.
7. Third party websites
7.1 Our website refers you to other websites through links or coupons.
7.2 We are neither liable nor responsible for their privacy rights or the terms in their privacy policy.
8. Cookies
8.1 Our website tends to use cookies.
8.2 An HTTP cookie is a small data file which tends to store data. It is sent from a website to a userís browser where it stays and stores data.
8.3 There are two types of cookies; persistent and session cookie. A session cookie is a temporary cookie which resides in a userís browser only when he is navigating through the website. On the other hand a persistent cookie stays in the userís browser for a number of days depending on the website.
8.4 Cookies do not contain identifiable information which can trace a user personally.
8.5 We use both type of cookies on our website.
8.6 Cookies are used to remember a visitor; it helps in the navigation of the site as well as the quality of the site. It helps in remembering a userís preferences and then generating the right advertisements for that user.
8.7 Disabling the cookies in your browser will result in poor quality and navigation problems on the site.

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